I spent my last weekend in Switzerland bouldering in Magic Wood with Martynas and Povilas. It was an awesome weekend which made me reconsider the options of staying in this country again and again. However, for me bouldering is just one part of a package when choosing a place to live. So, I’ll see.

We started traditionally - leaving Friday after 7pm. All lucky Gleis 7 possessors understands the pros of that. Train, another train, post auto ordered by phone and we’re in the camping of Magic Wood which turns out to be kind of a parking space with toi-toi toilets :) On the other hand,  it’s not that bad, because well… what makes a place great is by a big part the people in it. And the people seemed cool enough - singing and laughing presumably after a good joint :)

Back to bouldering. Me and Martynas were very lucky to be guided by Povilas who seemed to know all the best routes. Something for warm-up - here it is, something harder - not that far. So we started with some easier ones which were quite hard for me. Later I understood that it was because of the cold fingers in the morning. We spent all day going from boulder to boulder finding the ones that fit each of us. Martynas found a nice 7a with a jump - Blindflug I guess, Povilas tried out Blown Away - a super scary 7b and I ended up crimping on Gulliver Kante (7a+).

The next day was meant to finish what we started yesterday. Povilas worked hard on his 7b and made a huge progress, Martynas fought with Enterprise (7a) and I finished Barbarella (6c+) after some healthy competition with children who had very small fingers. After climbing Martynas and Povilas dared to “swim” in a super cold river and then packing, busses, trains and home.

It was a nice way to say goodbye to Switzerland. And I have no idea what’s next…